Sky Parking is one of the well-known parking space operators in Indonesia. It has grown from a humble beginning to one of the leading corporations in its field. The company was founded based on the spirit of professionalism and product excellence.


brand implementation

In order to create the most efficient operational flow, Sky Parking introduces wireless and hustle-free parking system — now paying for parking fees does not require queueing.


Manless parking system, e-money payment, secure and stable database system, and integrated control are just a few of the latest equipment and sophistication that Sky Parking has to offer. The company constantly conducts research in effort to achieve the ultimate efficiency.

As the sky above, we make it blue. To accommodate the various technological advancements that Sky Parking has, Hatch provided an unusual, more friendly, and able to communicate well with the community. Hatch created a simpler approach, showing expressive, alive, and confident tone of voice.


Hatch approach the brand identity with a simple implementation of Sky Parking’s brand new logogram to its collaterals just as Sky Parking provides a simpler and comprehensive car park solution and spatial optimization, in addition to immaculate service and innovative character. Sky Parking now has become the choice of parking operator in many prestigious malls in Indonesia.