Hatch designed this elegant and simple packaging for Rowadu, a tea brand that is proud to call Indonesia it’s home. Bringing Indonesia tea flavor into a modern approach. The word Rowadu itself came from a local lingo in East Indonesia that translates “to be the helping hand that passes on the gift from mother nature.”


art direction, packaging

From Indonesia, by Indonesians, for Indonesia.


In the design process, Hatch created a container for Rowadu to have a premium feeling of a simple stand-up box while still bringing Indonesia Heritage.


Batik in a packaging is beautiful but it can be overwhelming. We try to always look at negative and positive space together with hierarchies during the designing process — controlling the batik making us able to achieve a 'classic' mood through the spaces.

We also look into colors and printing techniques, simply finding ways to emphasize the Batik more. The show stopping quality of these boxes lies in the sophisticated foil techniques, giving credits to the Batik pattern. This elegant touch elevate the packaging while still retaining into down to earth quality of an Indonesian product.