Started in 1942, 2 Tang is an Indonesian-based quality tea manufacturer. After successfully grew mass production tea and some beverages brand, 2Tang expertise lead to a new upscale and premium tea product.


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Uniquely Appealing


When 2 Tang came to Hatch, we learned that there were so many different type of tea with different kinds of taste. Moreover, what makes it interesting is when the tea meets the water, a beautiful piece of art is created.


Inspired by the fusion, Hatch created a rather abstract shape for the identity of Ping. The colors that we used represent the human emotion according to each situations. 

As a premium tea product, Ping certainly must look different when consumers first come in contact with the service and quality of Ping tea products. Picked, processed, and roasted by the family of tea farmers themselves, of course, Ping wants to provide the best quality of local coffee brew that leaves an impression on its customers' tongues. The aspects of the tea that is unique, from the texture, color, and taste. However, one thing for sure, the beauty lies when the tea met the water. It created pieces of art.