Established 1975, Now Lino and and Sons is one of the biggest jewellery manufacturer & exporter in Indonesia. Lino and Sons is globally oriented company whose export markets include various countries in Asia, the Middle East, and the United States.


brand strategy, brand implementation

Lino & Sons echoes with creativity, innovation, integrity, and quality.


Using only the best quality diamond D,E,F colour and VVS clarity – making Lino & Sons to be the only jewellery shop to provide High Quality material, Design Innovation, and Cutting Edge technology.

When the shop started to position itself as the go-to-high-quality jewellery for our every need, Hatch developed an elegant new logo. By designing the word ‘Lino’ into a slick logotype for flexibility and classic sans serif type for the word ‘& Sons’ as consistency in bringing the best quality for your jewellery.


Hatch then implement the logo together with elegant and sophisticated dark blue for its main color together with a pop of gold. The logo are placed gently throughout the collaterals, letting the diamond and products speak for itself.

Jewellery photography are credited to Lino & Sons team.