Gulu Gulu is one of the first high quality cheese tea in Indonesia — coming far away from Taiwan and Mainland China, Gulu Gulu is here to introduce the real taste of authentic cheese tea to the people in Southeast Asia, using only the finest and most suitable ingredients.


naming, character, brand implementation

Upon its first introduction to the public at SIAL Interfood Expo on November 2017, Gulu Gulu broke a record by having sold more than 60+ business licenses even before opening its first store.


Egghead has created a brand identity that captures Gulu Gulu authenticity and quality. Using friendly and modern design approach, Gulu Gulu now appears itself to the market as an enjoyable and soothing cheese tea.

The name Gulu Gulu is exactly what it sounds like; derived from the chinese translation sound of people talking (Ji Li Gu Lu) that develops into the sound of people drinking (Gu Lu Gu Lu), Egghead created the logo that is also inspired by chinese writings and the shape of the drink itself – combining the logo with a character that is made from the authenticity of Gulu Gulu’s cheese foam.


Using the visual elements Egghead has created a fun and fresh tone of voice. Gulu Gulu has now spread through out Indonesia with it’s distinctive brand and execeptional authentic cheese tea.