Granola Creations believes that the best breakfast and snack a person need is a natural and rightly-cultivated one. Inspired by Bali, the Island of Gods, Granola Creations has become the Hundred Seeds company — started off as a grassroot movement that celebrates the origin of ingredients, craft and passion, and welfare of the farmers.


art direction, packaging

A brand reflects and presentate its product and we believe in Granola Creations product quality — we passionately communicate their product through their brand.


Observing through Granola's roots and believes, Hatch tries to implement natural elements to communicate their inspiration in the visuals; organic illustrations, brown paper packaging and playful typography mimicking the rough texture of granolas.


Hatch assessed the original packaging design, took clues from there to stay recognizable in the eyes of its loving fans, structured the information hierarchy, and with some strategy and creativity turned it into the packagings that are now displayed all over Indonesia’s chain supermarkets, minimarkets, and international distribution points.


Hundred Seeds now exports its signature Granola Creations to countries as near as Singapore, as far as Chile and still reaching as far as they can.