Snap Buddy in Every Needs

Nowadays, food looks more delicious with photography; the place looks more exciting with photography; fashion looks more extravagant with photography. Fotto by Sweet Escape exists to fulfill all photography needs anytime, anywhere.


brand analysis, brand strategy, brand implementation

Universal Language for Photography


Hatch was challenged to find the right name for such services. Through in-depth Brand Audit with Sweet Escape teams, Hatch came up with the name that is catchy and can be easily associated with the services and relevant to global audiences

"The Devil is in The Detail"

Our identity reflected in conjoining t’s symbol to emphasize our core services, photography. The hidden symbol of a camera can be found in the identity, you can check it out.


The brand is aiming to make people familiar with good quality photography as if it is their best friend in everyday needs. With this identity, Hatch wanted to show the edgy yet friendly services that FOTTO offers.