Emerge Brighter.

Eforea Hilton's spa has been using third-party products, resulting in a lack of brand equity. Eforea needs a range of products that have a strong belonging to their brand — one that will suit their philosophy and be applicable for their treatments process.



product development, packaging design

Eforea spa is Hilton's refreshing take on a spa experience, dreamed up to delight global guests and offer them a spiritual escape from their increasingly hectic lifestyle.

Auras are perceived in different colours, each hue having its own meanings and energy. We used watercolours and the multiple shades of a hue to express the transformative process in an Eforea Spa experience.

All of which linking back to Eforea Spa's core values of Balance, Wellness and Transformative Journeys.


The signature Oriental Detox series best represents Eforea’s Spa experience without being at their spa

Each series includes a body scrub and massage oil, whereas the signature series includes an added essential oil.