Cold Press was founded based on the passion for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. People in general realize the importance of health, but are bounded by inconvenience to access healthy products. To solve the problem, Cold Press cater the busy city dwellers to live healthier through nutritious intakes.


art direction, packaging

Cold Press provides a healthy and balanced lifestyle in convenience way. With Cold Press Juice, your healthy-day task surely be checked!


The New Cold Press comes with a whole new look for healthy-conscious urban people. Hatch strategize the whole identity to communicate efficiently to urban people that a healthy lifestyle could be achieved easily if treated as a habit. With that idea, comes a ‘healthy task’ that must be checked every day.

Making the logo as looking like a checked task and also a shape of an apple, Hatch tries to put Cold Press as a positive and supportive brand — most people see habit as a bore and monotonous, to break down that stigma by creating cold press as a fun, fresh, and energetic design approach to become a daily companion for their consumers’ healthy journey in a convenient way.


Using the visual identity Hatch has made, the implementation bring the brand as fresh and healthy as their high quality pressed juice. The green colour representing their organic and natural ingredients. Now Cold Press has spread throughout Indonesia and by only drinking a bottle of Cold Press every day, people are simply completed their healthy-life-task and will be ready to face even the busiest day.