Calais is a Bubble Tea and Coffee shop established in 2011. The brand idea elaborated the passion of the owner about bringing the best and authentic taste of beverages from various places that combines with innovation and creativity. It creates the new adventures and exploration of taste.


brand audit, brand strategy, brand implementation

Calais expresses the passion and innovation of flavour from around the world. By creating a bridge between the founder’s passion and the market expectation, Calais sets the trend through the new innovation and experience.


After the brand audit, we found out that Calais has inconsistency in brand visual implementation. From the identity logo to the every store displays does not has any proper guideline and cohesiveness brand image. The new Calais identity visualize the movement that symbolizes the limitless innovation of our adventurous journey in creating new & exciting flavors.

By increasing consistency in brand image, audiences & market's awareness of the brand will improve.


The simple logo will easily memorized and creates awareness in the market. It also acts like bridge that combines the innovation of the products and the modern visual that expected in market. We visualized the journey through the simple iconic identity and iconography to the adaptable yet limitless implementation of Calais innovation.