Not Yet, Not Yet,
Eat Me Now, Too Late...

Avocados are the infants of the whole produce category. In the same way that babies will be sleeping soundly one minute and screaming the next, avocados can be hard as a rock one day and then enveloped in a dark ripe colour the next day. While finding the right avocados may feels like looking for a needle in a haystack, that shall not be the case for Avocado Lovers. And yet, the problem: Avocado Lovers displayed no more significance than its competitors, while it had unseen potentials to be explored.


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The Almighty Knows Best


Good avocado is never enough and Avocado Lovers promises something more. Despite difficulties, Avocado Lovers is able to give the answer for people’s need in finding the perfect avocado and successfully becoming avocado aficionado.

Nevertheless, the brand cannot afford to be less than the master of all avocados. So we push the boundaries to capture the brand touchpoint(s) that can be grasped easily, not to mention impactful. Although a master may know what might be good, The Almighty always knows best. 


To completely claim the throne as The Almighty Avocado God, Avocado Lovers needed to leave its mark. Therefore we began by raising the curtains for the brand implementations, creating a visual that would reflect its core, projecting the product imagery as monumental, and dramatizes its appearance that screams confidence in a highly emotive purpose — to gain people trust with their avocado choices. We collaborate with IdeasBarn for its booth interior design as well.